Body Languages -> Standing Positions

At Attention

This is a formal position that shows a neutral attitude with no commitment to stay or go.

The Attention Stance

Legs Apart

The Crotch Displayer plants both feet firmly on the ground, making a clear statement that he has no intention of leaving. It is used as a dominance signal by men because it highlights the genitals, giving the Crotch Displayer a macho-looking attitude.

The Crotch Display - putting his masculinity on show

The Foot - Forward

The Foot - Forward Position as it allowed them to display their fine hosiery, shoes and breeches.

The Foot-Forward Position - pointing at where the mind wants to go

Leg Cross

The next time you attend a meeting with men and women you will notice some groups of people standing with their arms and legs crossed.

The Standing - Leg-Cross