Verbal - Calendar

Definition :

a) Odd days : The number of days more than the complete number of weeks in a given period is number of odd days during the period.
For example, a period of 10 days contains 3 odd days, 11 days contains 4 odd days, 12 days contains 5 odd days. But period of 14 days contains Zero odd days.

b) Leap Year : Every year which is divisible by 4 is called a leap year. But every century which is divisible by 4 is not a leap year.Every fourth century is a leap year

c) An ordinary year has 365 days i.e (52 weeks +1).

d) A leap year has 366 (an ordinary year ) by 7, we get remainder 1, it means that it has 1 odd day.Like wise 366 days (leap year ) has 2 odd days.