Verbal - Spotting the Errors

Definition :

Spotting errors is a common test and forms a part of almost all important examinations that have Objective English test on their syllabi. It requires an awareness of the basic rules of grammar - parts of speech, genders, infinitives, participles, subject - verb accord, form of tenses, use of articles and certain exceptional usages.

Rules and Examples:
1. Some nouns always take a singular verb
Scenery , advice, information, machinery, stationary, furniture, abuse, fuel, rice, gram, issue , bedding, repair, news, mischief, poetry,business, economics, physics, mathematics, classics, ethics, athletics, innings, gallows.

a) The Scenery of Kashmir are enchanting.(Incorrect)
  The Scenery of Kashmir is enchanting.(correct)
b) He has given advices. (Incorrect)
  He has given advice.(correct)
c) The Indian team defeated the English by innings (Incorrect)
  The Indian team defeated the English by an innings (correct)
d) Mathematics are a good subject ( Incorrect)
  Mathematics is a good subject ( correct)