Verbal - Logical Venn Diagrams

Definition :

The term Venn Diagram in test of reasoning relates to the different figures drawn to represent relationship between two or more objects. Generally, the figures used for such representation are circular but sometimes aque

Exercies :
1. If the items evidently belong to three different groupst the Venn diagram representing it would be as shown alongside,
  Ex: Doctors, Engineers, Lawyer
  Answer : These three items bear no relationship to each other So, they are represented by 3 disjoint figures .
2. If two separate items belong to the class of the third, they are represented by two disjoint circles inside a biggw circle as shown in Fig:
  Ex. Table, Chair, Furniture
  Answer : Clearly, table and chair are separate items but both are items of furniture. So, they would be represented as in the adjoining figure with circle A representing Table, circle B representing Chair and circle C representing Furniture.