Verbal - Logical Arrangement of Words

Definition :

In this type of questions, a group of words is given. The candidate is required to arrange these words in a meaningful order such as the sequence of occurrence of events, sequence from a part to the whole, sequence of increasing/decreasing size, value, intensity etc.. and then choose the correct sequence accordingly.

Exercies :

1. Arrange the following in a meaningful sequence :
  1. Consultation 2.Illness 3.Doctor 4.Treatment
  A.  2,3,1,4,5 B.  2,3,4,1,5
  C.  4,3,1,2,5 D.  5,1,4,3,2
  Answer : We know that illness occurs first. One then goes to the doctor and after consultation with him, undergoes treatment to finally attain recovery.
2. Arrange the following in a logical order:
  1.Euphoria 2.Happiness 3.Ambivalence 4.Ecstasy 5.Pleasure
  A.  4,1,3,2,5 B.  3,2,5,1,4
  C.  2,1,3,4,5 D.  1,4,2,5,3
  Answer : All the given words stand for joy, but the intensity increases in the order Ambivalence, Happiness, Pleasure, Ecstasy.