Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
46. Under which Indian emperor's reign was the Jama Masjid in Delhi built?
  A.  Jehangir
  B.  Shah Jahan
  C.  Akbar
  D.  Aurangzeb
47. Who abolished the system of Dual Government in Bengal?
  A.  Lord Clive
  B.  Cornwallis
  C.  Lord Dalhousie
  D.  Warren Hastings

48. Who delivered his first sermon at Sarnath?
  A.  Buddha
  B.  Mahavira
  C.  Shankaracharya
  D.  None of these
49. In Rig Vedic society, which of the following was unknown?
  A.  Polygamy
  B.  Purdah system
  C.  Polyandry
  D.  Child marriage
50. Gupta administration was
  A.  Monarchial
  B.  Democratic
  C.  Republic
  D.  None of these
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