Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
21. The first foreigner to invate India was
  A.  Bimbisara
  B.  Ajatashatru
  C.  Prasenajit
  D.  Jarasandha
22. Alexander died at
  A. Patala
  B. Taxila
  C. Babylon
  D. Gedrosia

23. Which language was used in the literature of Sangam period
  A.  Tamil
  B.  Sanskrit
  C.  Telugu
  D.  Kannada
24. Lord Buddha was born in
  A.  Lumbini
  B.  Vaishali
  C.  Bodh Gaya
  D.  Pataliputra
25. The Aryarts at first settled in
  A.  Sindh
  B.  Gujarat
  C.  Kashmir
  D.  Punjab