Indian History

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Indian History.
86. The latest Harappan site discovered in Gujarat is
  A.  Manda
  B.  Dwarka
  C.  Kuntasi
  D.  Khandia
87. The spread of Jainism in Karnataka is attributed to
  A.  Kanishka
  B.  Ashoka
  C.  Narasimavarma Pallava
  D.  Chandragupta Maurya

88. During the period of Sangas there was a revival of
  A.  Jainism
  B.  Brahminism
  C.  Zoroastrianism
  D.  Buddhism
89. Who delivered his first sermon at Sarnath?
  A.  Mahavira
  B.  Buddha
  C.  Shankaracharya
  D.  Akbar
90. The Indus Valley Civilisation was discovered in
  A.  1902
  B.  1912
  C.  1922
  D.  1932

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