chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
56. Retinol is the chemical name of
  A.  Vitamin A
  B.  Vitamin E
  C.  Vitamin D
  D.  Vitamin K
57. The substance used in the manufacture of high voltage insulators is
  A.  Silicons
  B.  Natural rubber
  C.  Silicon carbide
  D.  Artificial rubber

58. What is the chemical name of Green vitriol?
  A.  Calcium phosphate
  B.  Calcium carbonate
  C.  Iron sulphate
  D.  Calcium cyanamide
59. The chemical name of laughing gas is
  A.  Nitrous oxide
  B.  Nitric oxide
  C.  Nitrogen dioxide
  D.  Nitrogen peroxide
60. What is the first element of periodic table?
  A.  Sodium
  B.  Helium
  C.  Neon
  D.  Hydrogen