chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
71. Broken glass that is used in the manufacture of glass is called
  A.  Cullet
  B.  Waste glass
  C.  Raw material
  D.  Batch
72. Camphor can easily be purified by the process of
  A.  Sublimation
  B.  Distillation
  C.  Crystallization
  D.  Sedimentation

73. The National Chemical Laboratory(India) is located in
  A.  Mumbai
  B.  Bengaluru
  C.  Hyderabad
  D.  Pune
74. Which one of the following contains maximum percentage of nitrogen by mass?
  A.  Urea
  B.  Ammonium cyanide
  C.  Ammonium carbonate
  D.  Ammonium nitrate
75. Quick silver is another name for
  A.  Silver
  B.  Mercury
  C.  Aluminium
  D.  Copper