chemistry based questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Chemistry.
96. Commercially, sodium bicarbonate is known as
  A.  Washing soda
  B.  Baking soda
  C.  Bleaching powder
  D.  Soda ash
97. Acetyl salicylic acid is commonly used as
  A.  A pain killer
  B.  A sedative
  C.  Tear gas
  D.  A fertilizer

98. Which metal is commonly used for making an electromagnet?
  A.  Copper
  B.  Cobalt
  C.  Iron
  D.  Nickel
99. The gas that is responsible for global warming is
  A.  Carbon dioxide
  B.  Oxygen
  C.  Methane
  D.  Sulphur dioxide
100. Which of the following is the source of common salt?
  A.  Bauxite
  B.  Pyrite
  C.  Calcite
  D.  Halite