Business Intelligence Interview Question and Answers

17. What are the main components of the Designer Interface?
  The main components that interact in the designing of universe are
  • Table browser - The table browser is used to choose the tables and columns.
  • The Structure pane - The Structure pane refers the database structure of the universe.
  • The Universe pane - The Universe pane refers the components in which it is going to use in BO or WEBI documents.
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18. What are new in BO 5.1?
  • Save business objects documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Add hyperlinks to reports such as mail addresses and web site addresses.
  • These hyperlinks are maintained when you save the report in HTML or PDF.
  • Zero Administration – Only the business objects client software installed on the windows pc; all middleware is stored and administered on the web intelligence web server and the server side processing is handled by the web intelligence system.
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19. What is the repository?
  The repository is the database in which the information about the users and data is present. It is created and maintained by the general supervisor. It is used to share resources of business objects. It comprises of three domains.
  • Universe domain – It holds all the exported universes and there may be more than one universe domain in the repository.
  • Document domain – It holds all exported documents, templates, scripts, and lists of values.
  • Security domain - secured connections are stored in this.
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20. What are the tasks of the universe designer?
  The responsibilities that universe designer has
  • Designing, Creating and maintaining the Universe
  • Distributing the Created Universes
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