Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
91. Who is considered to be The Father of Artificial Intelligence?
  A.  George Boole
  B.  John McCarthy
  C.  Allen Newell
  D.  Alan Turing
92. A class can inherit
  A.  A single superclass
  B.  Exactly 3 superclasses
  C.  Any number of superclasses
  D.  None of the superclass

93. BIND stands for
  A.  Binary Internet Domain
  B.  Binary Intranet Domain
  C.  Berkely Internet Name Domain
  D.  None of the above
94. The time required to complete a single, continuous execution of a object program is called
  A.  Runtime
  B.  Access time
  C.  Random time
  D.  Response time
95. EBCDIC is ------------
  A.  6 bit coding system
  B.  7 bit coding system
  C.  8 bit coding system
  D.  9 bit coding system