Computer Quiz

General Knowledge Questions for Computer
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Computers.
106. DNS refers to ----------
  A.  Data Number Sequence
  B.  Domain Name System
  C.  Disk Numbering System
  D.  Digital Network Service
107. Java was originally invented by
  A.  Microsoft
  B.  Novell
  C.  Sun
  D.  Oracle

108. The unit of speed used for super computer is
  D.  None of these
109. Select the smallest memory size
  A.  Kilobyte
  B.  Gigabyte
  C.  Megabyte
  D.  Terabyte
110. Compilers and Interpreters are themselves
  A.  High level language
  B.  Programs
  C.  Codes
  D.  Mnemonics