General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
61. Which of the following sites is associated with Harappan culture?
  A.  Lothal
  B.  Vaishali
  C.  Chandernagore
  D.  Chinsura
62. With which game is Ashok Shandilya associated?
  A.  Hockey
  B.  Golf
  C.  Badminton
  D.  Billiards

63. Which one of the following places has maximum rainfall?
  A.  Cochin
  B.  Panaji
  C.  Cherapunji
  D.  Guwahati
64. The term Auxiliary point system upper cut and punch are associated with
  A.  Cricket
  B.  Hockey
  C.  Boxing
  D.  Cricket
65. David Copperfield is the name of a
  A.  Poem
  B.  Writer
  C.  Novel
  D.  Famous Actor