General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
21. The highest per capita income in the country goes to
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Goa
  C.  Punjab
  D.  Haryana
22. Hormones are normally absent in
  A.  Rat
  B.  Monkey
  C.  Cat
  D.  Bacteria

23. The State having the highest literacy rate among woman in India is
  A.  Maharashtra
  B.  Tamil Nadu
  C.  West Bengal
  D.  Kerala
24. The largest source of National Income in India is
  A.  Service Sector
  B.  Agriculture
  C.  Industrial Sector
  D.  Trade Sector
25. Novelis has been acquired and merged with
  B.  SAIL
  C.  Tata Steels
  D.  Jindal Steels