General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
86. Which one of the following has comparatively more nutritional value?
  A.  Papaya
  B.  Mango
  C.  Guava
  D.  Pineapple
87. X–rays cannot penetrate through a sheet of
  A.  Lead
  B.  Paper
  C.  Aluminium
  D.  Wood

88. The chemical substance essential for bioluminescence in fireflies is
  A.  Calamine
  B.  Ornithine
  C.  Butane
  D.  Luciferin
89. Land locked State of India is
  A.  Kerala
  B.  Madhya Pradesh
  C.  Orissa
  D.  Gujarat
90. Atomic minerals are found abundantly in
  A.  Karnataka
  B.  Kerala
  C.  Orissa
  D.  Maharashtra