General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
16. The disaccharide present in milk is
  A.  Cellotriose
  B.  Maltose
  C.  Sucrose
  D.  Lactose
17. First Nobel Prize of Economics was given to
  A.  Milton Friedman
  B.  Thomas C. Schcllings
  C.  Finn Kydland
  D.  Ragnar Frish and Joan Timbugen

18. Nominal members in the Rajya Sabha are
  A.  6
  B.  8
  C.  10
  D.  12
19. Mutation theory was proposed by
  A.  Hugo de Vries
  B.  Darwin
  C.  Morgan
  D.  Lamarck
20. Who was the Chairman of 12th Finance Commission?
  A.  Kelkar
  B.  Madhavan Ravindre
  C.  C.Rangrajan
  D.  K.C.Pant