General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
101. Which one of the following is not a state?
  A.  Daman and Diu
  B.  Manipur
  C.  Mizoram
  D.  Goa
102. Dhanetra Kumar has been appointed Chairman of ______
  A.  CCI
  C.  SEBI
  D.  CII

103. Which country among the following gets the highest HDI ranking in Human Development Report 2007?
  A.  Japan
  B.  Iceland
  C.  USA
  D.  United Kingdom
104. Dual nature of matter was discovered by
  A.  Louis De Broglie
  B.  Plank
  C.  Bragg
  D.  Einstein
105. Which company is providing mobile service with the name Cell One to the consumers?
  A.  Reliance Infocom
  B.  MTNL
  C.  Bharti Tele
  D.  BSNL