General Awareness

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on World Organisation.
111. The land that consists of homogeneous geographical features is called the
  A.  Continent
  B.  Region
  C.  Country
  D.  Peninsula
112. Which of the following is the most stable element?
  A.  Uranium
  B.  Lead
  C.  Hydrogen
  D.  Oxygen

113. India Brand Equity Fund was established in
  A.  1992
  B.  1993
  C.  1995
  D.  1996
114. Indian Green Revolution is the most successful in
  A.  Wheat and Potato
  B.  Jwar and Oil Seeds
  C.  Wheat and Rice
  D.  Tea and coffee
115. The material used for bleaching paper pulp is
  A.  Lime
  B.  Chlorine
  C.  Caustic soda
  D.  Sodium hypochlorite